Thursday, April 25, 2013

10 Dirty Questions to Ask A Girl and Make her WET

If you enjoy my previous article on sexting,  and look forward to getting additional tips on how to turn her on through texts, or through skype conversations, help is at your fingertips (no pun intended). Here's 10 spicy questions that you could use, either as conversation starters with your woman to get her in the mood, or just to check if the new girl you're dating is a fun, frisky girl.

For best results, use them late in the night, when she is alone or bored.

Use these 10 dirty questions in sequence, to make her dripping wet.

#1- Are you cuddling in bed right now?
This is to set the mood and tone. You also don't want to catch her at a wrong time, when she's having supper out with her friends, or half asleep. Girls love to cuddle in bed, if you don't already know. It evokes sweet, cosy feelings of love and warmth, and you want her to picture that she could be cuddling with you. If she says 'yes', then tell her, 'I wish I was cuddling next to you.'

#2- What are you wearing?
If you are unable to see her, you should ask her to describe what she has on. Depending on her reply, you would also know what kind of mood she's in. If she replies you, 'I usually sleep in the nude', or 'a plain white t-shirt.... with no bra on', then you can proceed to up a notch. If she gives you some lame one liner like 'like that  lor.' or 'sleep wear', don't lose hope, turn it around by telling her, 'I bet you look cute in that.' then tell her what you are wearing on such a hot night. 'Nothing but my favourite pair of Calvin Kleins', and ask her if she prefers 'Briefs or Boxers'.

#3- Which part of a guy's body, below his shoulders, do you usually check out first?
Let her tell you which part of a man's body she finds sexy, so you know you better start hitting the gym and work on it! Whatever she says (chest, arms, butt etc), tell her, 'Ooh, I didn't figure you were such a naughty girl.' or make her laugh by telling her, 'That's it, tomorrow at the gym, it's gonna be a _____ day.' replace with whatever body part she tells you.

#4- Which part of your body do you think is sexiest?
Let her tell you, and visualise herself as a sexy goddess, trying to win your approval. Your job- make her feel good and sexy about herself, no critique, no judgement. Compliment heaps!

#5- Have you ever had sex in a public place, or thought about it?
Here's when you turn up the hotness meter. Make her tell you her secret fantasies, sex on the beach? making out in the playground? Sex with multiple partners at the same time etc. Knowing her inhibitions and fantasies will let you have an idea of her beliefs, boundaries and how far you can go with her.

#6- Does a massage make you wet?
This is where you introduce a multi-sensory experience. Let her imagine she's being stroked (and you are the one doing it), tell her you give good massages. Use words like 'oil', 'slippery', 'hard', 'stroke', 'pressure' etc. "Do you like it hard?", "I've been told that I'm good with my hands."

#7- If there's one spot that a guy should touch you to make you horny, where is it?
Continue on the topic of touch. Whatever she replies, it is vital information that you need to know, so that you can please her the way she likes it. She may tell you that her ears, or the back of her neck is particularly sensitive...take notes, and ask her, "How would you like it if I kiss you there?"

#8-  What do you think of vibrators?
Sex toys are a great way to spice up the love life. See if she's open to it, and if she's comfortable sharing what she does when she's lonely. You want to get her to tell you how she pleasures herself, if she enjoys touching herself and you can follow with a text like "I would really like to see you doing all that."

#9- If I were whispering all this in your ear right now, would you be turned on?
Time to make your move, if she has been encouraging you by telling you how naughty she has been. I bet you she is dripping wet and about to burst at this point.

#10- What would you do if I told you I want to come over and do all that to you right now?
If she tells you yes, she wants you to do all that to her RIGHT better get your ass to her place straight away. Don't be a pussy teaser, or that will just drive her MAD!



  1. 100% WORKED. she was onto me, but that made it all the better. Thank you ladies.

  2. Replies
    1. You aim to please? What are you fan of E. L. James? hmm can we speak over email I have some questions to ask, please.

  3. I get sex all the time don't need this its for pussy lookers who can't get it

    1. Dumbass you do realize you had to be looking searching this too so you needed as much as help as the other guys maybe more with that shitty grammar

  4. Ya, sure you do Mr Anonymous.... Then why are you on this site @ 10pm... And then even "if" you do, I bet there not dimes with that lame attitude. Even us guys that actually don't have a problem getting laid still are open to learning or at the very least able to take bits and pieces to implement into new game.

  5. I alright get her talking about her thong but that's it can't go more fear

  6. Babyblush spice sg........ thanks for the info,you are sexier then the words you write. I bet you get men cuting glass with your words.

  7. this shit works and i aint short for words but you can never know too much......teach me Babyblush, i'm craving for more..

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  9. Holy Shit! This stuff really worked!

  10. Used it on a new girl i met and its results were spectacular, she was waiting naked by her front door for me to arrive!

  11. I love reading these comments!

  12. I wanna fuck u babyblush cuz ur a real freak

  13. I'm Ashley. I'm a woman trying to seduce a heterosexual woman. Will asking her these questions still produce the same results?

  14. i don't know if it will work on woman by woman, esp if she is heterosexual.

  15. It Works Like a charm 2nd girl in same day XD thanks needed new game

  16. I hope this webside works, I want my love to make her happy and horny to make us now to have sex. I'm a virgin so I don't know how to make my girl horny.

  17. this works lol! I probably shouldnt have done so since I'm just 16, but who cares. Thanks for the article :D


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