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Why a Married Man Loves His Mistress More Than His Wife?

S.P.I.C.E spoke to Gwen, an attractive woman in her late 30s, who is a mistress involved with a married man for the last 5 years. She offers a fresh perspective on lessons that married women can learn from the mistress. Enjoy our latest confession series straight from the mistress's mouth. 

I supposed one cannot really control affairs of the heart - The heart wants what the heart wants. 

I never set out to be with a married man (MM). Growing up in a religious upbringing, in a wholesome close-knitted family, I was raised as a well-adjusted individual in a loving environment. I am what many would consider a 'highly educated' woman, with a well-paying, stable career. I have my own apartment, car, cash & investments. In short, I consider myself an intelligent, independent and established working woman, in no need for a man to support me financially or socially. 

We started as friends, chatting and laughing. The attraction, although undeniable, was kept at bay. Soon, the friendship turned into a flirty date, which turned into physical touching, which turned into a night of passion, which turned into, what it is today, together still, living in sin for more than 5 years. 

During these time, I've lost many opportunities of being with other eligible, single men because I was so in love with my MM. I could not go beyond a few dates without getting bored and missing my MM. No other man could fulfill me like he can. His unavailability was his greatest attraction. 

Initially, there were a lot of conflicted feelings of guilt. Looking at my friends getting married and eventually having babies, also made me realised how much I've sacrificed for him. Finding support from friends was also almost non-existent. Looking online was worse, with articles after articles telling me that this is a dead-end, toxic relationship, no future, don't be the homewrecker, think about his wife and children, you are only getting crumbs of his time, leading half a life, you will never be his wife, if he does leave her and marry you, be prepared to get cheated by him again because what goes around comes around.... 

I was devastated, confused and almost went into depression because of this whole sordid affair. I was constantly crying, and he was not there to catch my tears. On and off again, I would cry for his attention, demanding to be no. 1 in his heart..breaking up, then he would beg me to come back with empty promises and we'll make up and the whole cycle would repeat itself again and again. This went on for the first two years. 

On the third year, I decided to stop playing the Marty. There's always a choice, and if I decide to live my life with him, I'm going to look at the positive side of being the seductress, the mistress, the one that every woman hates. What I'm going to write about, may be uncomfortable to some, due to their moral compass. It will not be popular with women, especially married women. But I am going to write about WHY A MARRIED MAN LOVES HIS MISTRESS MORE THAN HIS WIFE. Perhaps, this is a way of justifying my poor judgement and immoral actions, as all cheaters do. Or perhaps, the married partner could *gasp* learn a thing or two about being a supportive, loving pillar for the man who is supposedly the love of her life. 

Why he loves his mistress more than his wife
1. I make him feel respected as a man and wanted in every aspect of his life. 
2. I never reject him for sex
3. I cook his favourite dishes
4. I get to share in his secrets, his deepest desires, his aspirations and darkest fears
5. I don't ask for anything in return, except his love
6. I don't have to argue with him over joint finances, household responsibilities or children matters
7. I don't need to nag at him
8. I praise him constantly
9. I make him laugh
10. He misses me even when he is with you
11. He thinks of every ways to pleasure me
12. He wants to be in bed with me, even when he is with you on your birthday
13. He splurges expensive gifts on me because he wants to, and not because I ask for it
14. I make him feel alive and young again
15. Although I am alone most of the time, I am not lonely with his constant texts and late night calls
16. He unabashedly tells me how much he loves me, more than to you
17. I have my own social circle and career, and don't have any expectations on him
18.I may get 'crumbs of his time', but it is quality time that we spend focused on loving each other
19. Being the forbidden fruit is my greatest allure
20. I give him the best orgasms he has ever experienced
21. I take pride in the way I look, and groom myself for him
22. I can melt him with my tears
23. I always have his interest at heart
24. I fulfill his desire for erotica, mystery, role play and adventure
25. The best part, I can leave the cleaning up and taking care of him when he is old and sick to you

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  1. I'm involved in the BDSM lifestyle and found my ideal man the perfect loving Master. Then I found out he was married, I was so devastated I cried for days, stopped eating, and was completely depressed. We still text and talk on the phone a lot but I've told him countless times I will never be his lover (we never even had sex yet.) He understands and wants to be in my life as a financial benefactor claiming he loves and wants to better my life. Does this mean he loves me?


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